Q–How do I submit a purchase suggestion to the library?

Any purchase requests can be submitted online here. By submitting this form, you can ensure that your suggestion is received directly by the people with the power to add resources to our collection. Purchase suggestions are considered in light of our selection policy and guidelines for local authors. While we strive to make our collections responsive to community needs, we’re not able to purchase every title that is suggested.

Q–How do I renew my library materials online?

To renew library materials, you will need to login to your Bucks County Free Library account. Your user name will be your library card number, and the password is the 4 digit pin you had selected when you received your card. From there, you will see an option for “renew my materials.”

Q–How to I sign up for a library card? Can I do it online?

We do not have online registration for full-service library cards at this time. You may stop in any public library in the county to register for a library account. Our locations page will provide our branch hours, address, and contact information. You will need to bring proof of identification with you. For most Bucks County residents, a current driver’s license, driver’s instruction permit, or identification card issued by the Department of Motor Vehicles that shows your street address (not a PO Box) is sufficient. If you would like to fill the application out before you come in, you can print it from here.
We also have e-Cards available to Bucks County residents who only want to use the digital services available through our e-Library and prefer the convenience of online registration. This online registration service requires a valid credit card and payment of non-refundable $1 processing fee.

Q–Where can I locate archival information for genealogy purposes?

Unfortunately, the public libraries in our library system are not set up to do that type of archival research. We do provide in-library access to the database. In addition, the Bucks County Historical Society in Doylestown may be another great resource to utilize. The BCHS has extensive archives extending back to the beginning of the county through the present day. They can do research for outside parties. If you would like to view any available resources, services charges, and the hours of operation, here is a link to their website.

Q–What events are available at my local library?

Each library schedules its own events. Local events can be viewed on our Calendar. From that page, you can filter events based on library branch, age group and event type.

Q–I received a notice that my card was expiring. What do I need to do to renew it? Can I renew it online?

Unfortunately, card renewals are one of the few things that we need to complete in person. Library cards expire every three years. To renew your card, you will need to go into any of our libraries and show official documentation with your name and address. At this time, you can also change or add phone numbers and/or email addresses. If you are an out of Bucks County resident, you will also need to show a current library card from your home county. This card is considered an “Access Pennsylvania” card and would need to be renewed on a yearly basis.

Q – Are there any volunteer opportunities available?

Each of the 18 public libraries in Bucks County handles volunteering in various ways. You will want to contact the library that you are interested in volunteering at directly. The following link will take you to our locations page, with address, hours and phone numbers for each of our libraries. You can get in touch with their volunteer coordinator in person, by phone or by email. Thank you for thinking of us!

Q – I am experiencing technical difficulties with an e-Resource.

There are a couple of basic troubleshooting steps that can be taken. First, check to make sure you are running the latest operating system on your device and then check to make sure the app you’re using is updated. This can make a difference when trying to use our e-Resources. Another step could be to remove the App, and re-install it. Before re-installing it, be sure to clear the cache and cookies to improve its functionality. Another option could be to remove the book from your device and then download it again. Lastly, you can always check out the technical support page for the App you are using. Here are the links to our most popular Apps: OverDrive, Hoopla, OneClick Digital

In addition, any time you experience problems with our online resources, you are welcome to stop by one of our libraries and talk to our staff. They will be happy to walk you through the process and help you troubleshoot any problems you might be having. We also have technical support available at several locations. You can stop in during their scheduled hours, or you can schedule an appointment if that would work best for your schedule. They can assist you with any of our online resources and with your own devices as well. It’s a great service to take advantage of!