Penn’s Little Village


About Penn’s Little Village

Penn’s Little Village at our Langhorne branch is a learning space for young children, newborn to age five. 

In the Village, toddlers and preschoolers explore miniature versions of a camper, a service station, a market, a library, a firehouse, and a school. They develop early learning and literacy skills through direct experience and problem solving.

Infants and children who are not yet walking may learn and play in the Baby Garden with their caregivers.

The library does not allow older children in the Village for safety and developmental reasons. As long as they follow the library’s behavior rules, older children may stay in the children’s area of the library while their caregivers and younger companions explore the Village.

The Village is open Monday through Thursday 9 a.m. to 7 p.m., and Friday and Saturday 9 a.m. to 4 p.m. It closes for cleaning one hour prior to the library’s closing.


Plan and Enjoy Your Visit

Expect to stay with your child at all times. You are your child’s first and best teacher. Actively supervise and guide your child to play constructively.

Help your child put away toys before moving on to new activities. This teaches your child the importance of clean up and respect for others.

The Village is busiest in the mornings until lunchtime. During busy times you might have to wait anywhere from 5 minutes to an hour to enter. Depending how busy, we will give you a restaurant-style pager and notify you when it is your turn to go in. We do not take reservations. You may call ahead to find out how busy we are.

Volunteer opportunities are available for teens and adults. Please inquire at the library’s service desk.


Baby Care

Baby changing tables are available in the family restrooms near the Village. There is no private nursing area. Nursing is allowed anywhere in the library.


Coats, Strollers, and Belongings

Coat racks are located along the wall outside the Village.

Strollers are not allowed in the Village. Limited space for stroller parking is available along the wall outside the Village. Please consider leaving your stroller at home or in the car.

The library is not responsible for loss or theft.


Food and Drinks

Other than water and baby bottles for infants, food and drinks are not allowed. Dry snacks and covered drinks are permitted outside the Village in the library.


Group Visits

The Village is designed for one-on-one interactive learning for individual caregivers and their children. The library does not offer special bookings or accommodations for groups.

Group members can arrange to meet each other at the Village and enter individually when they arrive. The library cannot guarantee all group members will be able to enter at the same time. Groups planning to meet at the Village have a better chance of using the space together if they avoid busy times.

Penn’s Little Village is not available for private parties or events.


Lost and Found

Lost items are held at the library service desk. They are kept for six weeks and then discarded or donated. For health reasons, the library does not keep food containers, sippy cups, water bottles, or pacifiers.


Unaccompanied Adults and Children

For the safety of our youngest visitors, no adults are allowed in the Village without a child and no children without an adult. Older children are not permitted in the Village.

Children and adults are required to stay together. Adults are responsible for the supervision of their children.

Any adult who would like to visit the Village without a child must ask permission at the service desk. The library will assign a staff member or volunteer to provide a tour.