Science in the Summer 2018

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sis-blogGSK Science in the Summer™ returns to Bucks County libraries starting in June. This year, Bucks County elementary students have the opportunity to learn about the Science of Space.

Led by certified teachers, students will experience the Science of Space through fun, hands-on activities. They will start on Earth to understand the sun and moon before planning to leave Earth and achieve liftoff with “rockets”. Concepts covered include light from stars, moon and Earth orbits, moon phases, protection and survival in space, and the physics of flight.

GSK Science in the Summer™ introduces children to STEM learning at a young age in a fun, engaging way that gets them excited about science in school now and as a possible career choice later. The free science education program is sponsored by GSK and administered by The Franklin Institute

Classes are small — be sure to register early!

Level 1 classes are for children entering grades 2 and 3.
Level 2 classes are for children entering grades 4 through 6.


Registration for GSK Science in the Summer™ is online and starts on Friday, May 18 at noon. Registrations will be processed in the order they are received. Space is limited.

Click here to register on the GSK Science in the Summer™ website.