Welcome to Everyday Reading!

Welcome to Everyday Reading!

What is Everyday Reading?

Everyday Reading is an online, year-round reading program for children aged 5-14. It promotes reading for enjoyment and to help establish a habit of lifelong reading in your child. The program is divided into over 50 different badges. Each badge is divided into 3 activities. Complete each activity to unlock the digital badge and come visit your closest library branch to pick up your patch.

How much time will Everyday Reading take to complete?

Everyday Reading is pretty expansive. With so many different badges to explore, it may take you all year to complete them all! But, the best part about Everyday Reading is its flexibility. You can start at whichever badge looks interesting and go from there. Maybe you want to explore different genres? There are several genre badges for you to earn. Is non-fiction and creativity more your speed? Then there are plenty of those badges as well. Maybe you want to read whatever you want and log in your books to earn the coveted “100 Books” badge? We say “Go for it!”

How do I get started?

Simple! Just click on the “Sign Up” button at the top of this page, enter some basic information, then explore the different badges to find which one you want to start with

Do I need to go to the library?

Some of the badges require you to visit a library branch. But you could log the books you are reading at home without ever visiting a library branch. However, once you unlock a badge, you may want to visit your closest branch to pick up your patch.

Do I have to earn all the badges?

No! Maybe. Only if you want to. Earn as many or as few as you like. But I should let you know that we have several badges hidden that will only be earned if you unlock them.