About Your Child's Library Card

reading a bookBucks County public libraries welcome children as library card applicants and encourage them to have their own library cards. For applicants aged 15 and younger, a parent or legal guardian must present a completed application with identification and proof of residency. By signing a child's library card application, a parent accepts financial responsibility for the proper care and safe return of all items borrowed and all fees or fines incurred on the child's card.

Parents and legal guardians are ultimately responsible for guiding and monitoring a child's library use. The library provides a range of materials to suit various reading interests and perspectives. Libraries and their employees do not act on behalf of parents and guardians to monitor, control, or restrict what a child selects for reading, listening, viewing and check out when a parent is not present. We rely on you as parents and guardians to know and approve what library materials and services your children are using.

Current Pennsylvania privacy law protects the confidentiality of a child's library card record. This means that library employees may not freely share information with parents or guardians about what children have checked out or requested from the library. Those who would like to closely monitor children's library use may want to take advantage of some or all of the following strategies:

  • Require that your child share his or her library card number and PIN as a condition of applying for a card
  • Ensure that your e-mail address, and not your child's is on file in the child's library card record
  • Monitor mailed and e-mailed library notices
  • When making a phone or in-person request for information, be prepared to have the child on the phone line or there in person to verify that he or she gives the library permission to share confidential information with you
  • Use your child's library card number and PIN at My Account to monitor his or her library records.

You are urged to notify the library as soon as possible if your child's card is lost or stolen. The library will immediately suspend a library card when notification is received. Cardholders are responsible for all material checked out on a lost or stolen card up to the time when the library is notified of the loss or theft. You are also responsible for notifying the library of any change of name, address, e-mail address, telephone number, or other personal data for your child.

For further information about library fines and fees, loan periods and limits, and other policies related to your children and their use of library cards, refer to our information About Your Library Card.

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